ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche 2009 – Another Fabulous Year!!!

The Artist Cooperative of Canada and guest artist Ximena Berecochea did it again! We pulled it off! Despite challenging weather conditions, technical issues and last minutes adjustments the show was an even better than the year before. As last year this was primarily an outdoor exhibit on the grounds of historical Spadina museum. Due to the fact that the show was outside the weather played an important role in what needed to be done. And it did not cooperate at all. The rain did not stop until an hour before, preventing us from properly pre-installing as we did last year; the wind was obnoxious, ripping the installations from their places and hurling pieces of artwork into the ditch; the lighting provided an added melodrama to a drenched and tense scene.
But we did it in spite of all of this. The lighting people and our installers worked till midnight. Your efforts will not be soon forgotten. Everyone who worked outside had major adjustments to deal with. Nancy Reynolds, the Museum Site Co-ordinator at Spadina was key to our success. Her kindnesses, generosity, support and flexibility was priceless. We could not have pulled it off without her.

Great many thanks to all involved! With well over 2200 visitors and many accolades we will not soon forget this memorable night.

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