Under the Surface Show at Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2010

Artist Cooperative of Canada and guest artists, our scientist and the Hathorah Sound Collective had a spectacular show at Spadina Museum.
This was the third year that we participated at Spadina Museum for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche.
Our footpath for the show was different from the previous years and we installed some of the show inside the museum, to be viewed from the grounds. With great appreciation and thanks to our artists, museum staff, musicians and our scientist for an outstanding show.
A huge thank you as well to our audience for your continued support and interest!
Photographs to follow


Artist Residencies and Curated Studio Show


Elizabeth Greisman returned to Ireland for two Artist Residencies in July/August 2010
The Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Co. Monaghan and the Cill Rialaig Project in Co. Kerry, Ireland
Elizabeth spent July with old and new friends at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre.
She concentrated on her dance figures, images from Dance Canada and the landscape of Ireland. Elizabeth spent some time drawing the Coisceim dancers in Dublin and then began to develop her portrait series. The portrait series of other artists was a concept developed at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre. Elizabeth asked an artist to give her an hour and a half to sit for their portrait. She worked in acrylics for the portraits.
Elizabeth does two pictures of her subject and gives one to the sitter and keeps one for her series.
Elizabeth curated a show in her Studio at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre.  The show was open for informal visits during her stay and also during the Open Studio. Poets, writers, performance artists and visual artists were asked to contribute one photo of their work or one article or poem.
This year’s participants were:
Visual Artists:
Frith Bail, Canada
Gloria Stein, Canada
Alexander Moyle, Canada
Wendy Wobeser, Canada
Osnat Lippa, Canada,
Lluis Farre, Spain
Claudia del Rio, Argentina
Maya Foltyn, Canada
Robin Hollingbrook, Canada
Antoinette Breen, Ireland
Chari Cohen, Canada
Performance Artists:
Hortense Gerardo, USA
Poets and Writers
Juliet Bressan, Ireland
Jean O’Brien, Ireland
Helen Ryan, Ireland
Hoa Pham, Australia
Nick MacIssac, Canada
Rebekah Clarkson, Australia
Ariella Damelin, Canada

"Under The Surface" (Spadina Museum) – Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2010

Elizabeth Greisman, lead artist

Artist Cooperative of Canada plus guest artists and vocal sound collective, Hathorah, will provide the viewer with an outstanding opportunity to experience the  spectacular six acre site in downtown Toronto at Spadina Museum. The show will be outdoor, with multimedia exhibits and artwork lit within the House. The viewer will experience a varied response to the theme on a lit pathway around the site.  Paintings of the costumed activities of women and men in the interwar period will illuminate the house. Ceramic sculptures, a mobile and digital imagery will convey the restoration theme currently being carried out at Spadina Museum. The medical history of Tuberculosis in the interwar period will be added by our medical advisor /artist. Hathorah Sound Collective will provide the added dimension of sound to the visuals of the show.

News for 2010

2010 Residencies for Elizabeth Greisman
Elizabeth will be in Residence in Ireland in summer of 2010
She will be painting the historic dance figure and landscape while in Residence at The Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Co. Monaghan and then will go on to her scholarship Residency at The Cill Rialaig Project in Co. Kerry. She will be painting landscape at Cill Rialaig.
News about Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2010 –
Artist Cooperative and guest artists will be creating ” Under the Surface” at Spadina Museum for Scotiabank Nuit Blanche 2010
This year we have two artists, a doctor/ artist and a sound collective joining our group:
Elizabeth Greisman, painter
Gloria Stein, installation artist
Frith Bail, ceramicist
with guest artists
Alexander Moyle, sculptor
Osnat Lippa, digital artist
Wendy Wobeser, scientist/artist
The Hathorah Sound Collective

The theme of the show is what is under the surface, keeping with the restoration of Spadina Museum to the 1920’s period. 

ScotiaBank Nuit Blanche 2009 – Another Fabulous Year!!!

The Artist Cooperative of Canada and guest artist Ximena Berecochea did it again! We pulled it off! Despite challenging weather conditions, technical issues and last minutes adjustments the show was an even better than the year before. As last year this was primarily an outdoor exhibit on the grounds of historical Spadina museum. Due to the fact that the show was outside the weather played an important role in what needed to be done. And it did not cooperate at all. The rain did not stop until an hour before, preventing us from properly pre-installing as we did last year; the wind was obnoxious, ripping the installations from their places and hurling pieces of artwork into the ditch; the lighting provided an added melodrama to a drenched and tense scene.
But we did it in spite of all of this. The lighting people and our installers worked till midnight. Your efforts will not be soon forgotten. Everyone who worked outside had major adjustments to deal with. Nancy Reynolds, the Museum Site Co-ordinator at Spadina was key to our success. Her kindnesses, generosity, support and flexibility was priceless. We could not have pulled it off without her.

Great many thanks to all involved! With well over 2200 visitors and many accolades we will not soon forget this memorable night.

Fabulous Event, Suitable for All

Fall is an exciting season for the Artist Cooperative of Canada. We are all participating in “Wild!” at the Spadina Museum as part of Scotiabank’s Nuit Blanche 2009 from October 3 to 4. In preparation, our members continue their artistic pursuits with passion and imagination.

Elizabeth is preparing a series of nine-foot canvases in acrylic paint and is working on handpainted furniture in nighttime tones. These are based on the wild animals, insects and the flora and fauna of the pre-colonization area of Toronto.

Alina is preparing a digital media show based on her paintings from on her kayak trip in the wilds of Georgian Bay. She is linking her interpretation to the “Wild!” show at Spadina Museum.

Frith is preparing a large, ceramic sculpture of a woman in the wild. On the pathway for the “Wild!” show, she will show a series of ceramic birds, eggs and nests in a naturalized setting.

Gloria is keeping her installation under wraps, waiting to surprise “Wild!”‘s audience with her outstanding work. Her creation is bound to impress with its multi-level imagery.

Guest artist Ximena is working on a series of photographs to display on a large screen. These are based on her interpretation of insect bites.

Elizabeth Greisman: Solo August show entitled "Resonances from the Tyrone Guthrie Centre"

The show ran from August 6th – 13th 2009 and was held at the Canadian Embassy in Dublin, Ireland. Elizabeth is supported by the Ontario Arts Council. Below is the description that was available for posting on the Web at the time of show.


“Resonances from the Tyrone Guthrie Centre”
By Elizabeth Greisman

The exhibition shows Elizabeth Greisman’s impressions of the Tyrone Guthrie Centre, in Monaghan, Ireland and its surrounding landscape where she has had a summer residency during 2008 and 2009.

The idea was conceived as a continuation of a project begun at a residency in the Banff Centre in Canada while drawing and painting each day from the same vantage point. At TGC she paints each day in a similar way looking at the lake or the formal gardens and colleagues, noting the changes in weather, light and subtle changes of the plant forms and reflections on the water. For 2009, a palette dictated by the historical artifacts and gardens of the big house at TGC was imposed on her landscape paintings in a panoramic format. This series of paintings highlights the rich interior of the house, formal gardens and vast landscape of the area. An anecdotal bridge from the architectural details of the gardens, lake and house is shown. Elizabeth’s passion for the spiritual qualities of the landscape while shaped by an intuitive link with the historical setting have afforded the inspiration and encouragement to develop this project.

Elizabeth’s artistic practice concentrates thematically on two life-long interests, landscape and the moving figure. She works mostly in oils and acrylics on canvass and paper. In a residency setting she paints on canvass of a uniform size, out of doors, with the intention of enlarging these images during the year at her studio in Toronto.

Her visual art is experienced through her training as a landscape designer and as a dancer. She attended Canadian and international residencies since 2001 and finds that the cultural immersion and time to work without distraction has given her an accelerated growth opportunity to develop her work within a thematic context.

In 2008 Elizabeth Greisman formed and became director of the Artist Cooperative in Canada to further the development of a diverse group of Canadian visual artists on a national and international level.

The exhibition shows the broad talent of Elizabeth Greisman through painting and drawing on different media including material such as vintage wedding dresses and chiffons.

Current Work – Elizabeth painted the mountainous Banff landscape daily, from the same vantage point over three summer residencies. She continued this project while at the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Ireland, working in both small and large canvases, recording subtle changes in weather, light, form and texture on the mountains, lakes and trees. Summer 2009 found Elizabeth returning to the Tyrone Guthrie Centre in Ireland to continue her series from the surrounding landscape and the Great house of Tyrone Guthrie.

Community engagement – Elizabeth’s extensive voluntary contribution includes her recent donation of a series of hand painted bridal gowns to the Bride’s Project, featured on “ Breakfast Television” in Toronto. She was one of the featured artists on the video for “ Design Hope Build Toronto”, raising money for the homeless at Dixon Hall, and advises several Toronto school communities on the creation of public garden space.

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